Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Linking money-to-Sovereign Wealth Funds

Linking money to the Universocial_Sovereign_Anchor the U_S_A.

The recipe to resolve the problems of the Classic Economy is the money datevaluation practice for the self creation of the Web_Personalized_Money where the Sovereign Wealth Funds would be used as an Universocial_Anchor for the links money-to-money established by the people putting theirs live-savings in Owndated Webquantum properties to deal their generated webcashmatic plusvalues organized at the Owned_Timestock_Market and for sharing the Universocial_Cash_Production by daily 12h New York random cash results distribution by the draft agreement between World Central Banks and the Board of The High Authority of Sovereign Owners.
This recipe would produce quite instantly the 4G3W Economy conditions for the free money datevaluation practice to help and subtitute the investment practice.

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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Universocial Cash Funds

Again the Classic Economy is speaking about marriage between weak growth and robust inflation.

How to resolve is 1 answer to the Davos Question 2008 : we must go to the money datevaluation using communication motors for webcashmatic plusvalues in cash phasis .

B-cause if the Classic Advisers believe that we are walking in stagflation mode, they do not give you the recipe to treat the causes.

In the new Economy 4G3W just you-do-mark-your-money with your better date, then webfishing your webcashmotor start to run making your personal economic life go up forever.

That's why you need it, I need it, they need it too. Make owned timestock by owndated webquantums, tagvaporate if you like more speed.

Because when just you link money-to-money in a webcash space you are going cash, for a productive cash world where you are webpowered by production factors soap.

That is the reason why universocial cash funds are inflation compressors.

And finito "inflation". You kill the monster. Because stagflation would need leg protesis.

Or do you prefer like some Big Euclons put protesis after protesis in the Old Classic Economic protecting the Three_Speeds_Dilemma (Save_Spend_Invest) source of all our economic errors.

Be happy take your Mousephone and go to the money datevaluation in the Four Speeds (Save_Spend_Invest_Datevalue) new Economy 4G3W. Your webcashmotor is your free device for your webpowered economic better performance.

Just link money-to-money like Nokia connecting people. Stagflation out by universocial funds under Personal Cash Control (PCC, it was simple just put a second "C" at your PC) . Give a Microsoft Second Life.

Grease your brain
Yes the banking regulators like OCC, FDIC, FED or ECB would be very happy with an automatic web device for the inflation control by the use of the personalized money "owndated webquantums". The money-to-money link secret is the association of a personality with his saving capacity at a real moment in his dynamic webcashaccount.The soundness of operations is guaranted by the Owned Timestock Market which is a loss safe market rolling in an absolutely cashkeeping mode.
Just for win money, selling it's saved time value of fusion into self_marked_webspace.